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Does your "About" page
put your dream clients
under your spell?

Your "About" page can swoop in like Queen Charming or
send your dream clients running to a land far, far away

All about me

Once upon a time, you thought your "About" page was perfect. You thought it would be easy to write. You thought it made you look good.

After all, it's all about you. Right?

The problem is -- your "About" page is NOT really about you. 

Slow your eye roll, it's true. I'll explain.

Your "About" page has one big job...

Your About page has to make a connection with your dream client.

You don't make connections by going on and on about yourself. You don't build trust by rattling off your credentials, your experience, and your fave things. 

Harsh truth time: That's boring. Once upon a time...your dream client doesn't care. 

Okay, but how? How do you make connections, build trust, and set yourself apart?

You Need an "About" Page That
Shows Your Dream Clients You get them

Connecting with clients

You tried to write it and rewrite it. (Maybe 500 times.) You asked friends and family for feedback. But it still feels lifeless and so not you

You don't know how much info is too much, what to include, and how to make it speak to your dream clients.

Can't your "About" page copy just make your dream clients high-pitched-squeal excited to work with you and give them the confidence to take the next step?

Yes, it can! Let's make your "About" page shine...


Well, hey. I'm Melanie Sparks, the copywriter who evokes emotion. 

I can help turn your tumbleweed-dry "About" page into copy that feels like you, connects with your ideal clients, and leads them to the next step.

Just think of me as the fairy godmother for your "About" page. Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo Y'all!

How does this magic work?

I'll wave my magic wand. No, really, I'll review your "About" page and provide a video report with word-for-word suggestions + clear ideas for improvement of the layout and flow. Then you take my suggestions and get to work. Easy. Like magic.  

give your "About" Page A Magical Makeover


About Page Magic Wand

The package includes:


Before I review your "About" page, let me get to know you better. You'll answer a few questions to introduce yourself, your biz, and your dream clients.

Review + To-Do from a pro copywriter

I'll review your "About" page and provide an on-screen video with line by line things you can do immediately to make it better. 

You can implement my recommendations to your "About" page immediately. Poof! It's like magic.

Show Your Work

Email me once you've published your new and improved page. I'll review it one more time and provide final tips via email.

That's it! You now have a spell-casting "About" page!

Investment: One payment of $97


Ready To put your dream clients
under your spell? 

Here's how to get started:

  1. Click the YES button and pay.

  2. Within 24 hours of payment, you'll receive an email with a few questions. 

  3. Get excited! Within, 2-3 biz days, I'll send your video report chock-full of magic-making goodness. You take my advice and polish your "About" page till it glows. 

P.S. - Don't forget to email me when you're done! I'll review it one more time and reply via email. 


Happy Clients

"I was struggling with writing my About page. It's so difficult to write about yourself! Melanie knew the questions to ask to help me hone in on the information my customers needed to know. I loved being able to hand off work I was struggling with to someone I trusted...Melanie was able to capture pieces of exactly what I wanted to say, in order to speak to my customers." 

Laura DaGrossa, Copywriter and Handmade Seller

"Melanie wrote the About page on my website, and I couldn't be happier! My business is a tad bit complicated in that I offer physical skincare products and also weight loss mindset coaching and meal plans. Sometimes it felt impossible to make it all come together cohesively, but Melanie made it seamless and sound so appealing. I love her writing style, and she captured my voice perfectly."

Bobbi Benski, Weight Loss Coach 

Want me to write it for you instead?

I'd be delighted. Let's chat.