How to Write a Love Letter to Your Ideal Client or Reader

Wait. A love letter?

I know. Sounds mushy right? But I promise it's not that mushy. 

This technique is a twist on a fiction writing tool: If you're stuck with your story, write a letter to yourself from a character.

I can't say it always solves the problem in a work of fiction, but this technique always provides useful information about the story.  

Why Use this technique as a content creator?

If you're a new blogger, or you've made a major pivot with your content, try writing a love letter to your reader. The purpose of the love letter is to gain clarity on your ideal reader and to declare your promises to your readers. 

If you've been blogging for a while and your content isn't connecting with your audience, a letter to your reader might help you figure out why your content is missing the mark.

Let your reader get inside your head (and heart) to improve your content. It is for them after all!

what will a love letter do for you? 

You've heard how important it is to know your ideal reader or client. But why is it so important?

Getting crystal clear on your ideal audience is a cornerstone of your business, and it's all about your why. 

love letter pin.png

Your why powers everything else in your business. Without it, you're just flinging content and offers at the internet, hoping something sticks.

Light-bulb: Your reader is your why.  

The love-letter process helps you dig deep to discover:

  • Who you serve.

  • Why you serve them.

  • How you serve them.

  • What it is about you that makes you and your reader the perfect match.

  • What your reader really needs you to deliver, in order to make them fall in love with your content.

Ultimately, your love letter should inspire you to cherish each and every reader, whether that's 100, 1,000, or 10,000. Every reader counts.

Ready to start the love-fest? 

your ideal client

First things first, who is your ideal client or reader? 

According to Reina Pomeroy over at The Rising Tide Society, finding your ideal client is a six-step process. For the purposes of the love letter, let's focus on three of those steps:

  1. You - What do you value most in life? Why do you want to help this audience? What is the deep-inside reason you are so connected to this particular audience?

  2. Who - Who is your audience? (Think of the audience as one person, who represents your ideal readers.) What are her hopes and dreams? What is her life like? What makes her happy? What keeps her awake at night?

  3. Help and How - What problem can you help your audience solve? How do you help them solve this problem? It must be a problem worth solving for them, and you must be specific. "I make their lives better" is not specific. Keep digging by asking how: How do you make their lives better?

If you haven't yet read about my Content GPS process and snagged the free worksheet, which covers this exact topic, go get it now

So now that you have a grip on who your dream client is, you might be wondering... 

What’s love got to do with it?

You might think love is too strong a word in this context. Maybe you reserve that for your family and closest friends. 

Here's what I mean by love: 

You must care deeply about the people you serve, in order to do this crazy thing called entrepreneurship.

Sure, you have to love the thing you're doing. Yes, you need your own internal reasons for busting your butt every day. But let's be real--this is hard. 

You need a strong why to keep going, when it seems like it's not worth it. 

If you don't care about helping your readers or clients...if you don't want the very best for your audience, you may want to re-consider your why. 

It's all about the connection. If thinking about your readers has you shrugging your shoulders, I'm guessing there's no connection.

Going above and beyond to serve your readers and clients--that's love. 

Structuring your Ideal Reader love letter

Although you might resist the idea, I encourage you to go through the process as if you really are writing a love letter. It's often when we work through resistance that our best ideas come. Remember, no one ever has to see this but you.

You Know and Love Your Reader

Start by showing your reader that you know her well. You SEE her. You're aware of her struggles, her frustrations, and her biggest dreams. You've even seen the not-so-filtered sides of her, and you accept her. You get her. 

Don't just say you get her. Show her. Validate her. Tell her what it is about her that you appreciate most.

How You Are a Perfect Match

Now, it's time to focus on the connection you have with your reader. What do you add to your reader's life? How do you make her day better? 

Think back to what your readers appreciated most. Which posts got the most comments and shares? Which email got replies? What content sparked conversation? 

This is your chance to re-affirm the value you provide to your reader. It's okay to be proud of your work! Just make sure you're connecting its value to your readers.

How You'll Show Your Love

You're ready to close the love letter with your promises to your reader. She knows you understand her, and you're here to help. But it's not enough. 

What else can you do to show your appreciation to your reader? What will you promise to do (or not do)?

For example: You promise to only provide information on affiliate products you've used and love. You promise to reply to their emails. You promise to check in with them to ask what they need.   

Now What?

You've written an epic love letter to your reader. What's next?

Hang onto it. I'm willing to bet you got to know your reader better, as well as your why.

I'm also willing to bet you might have some ideas for future content, programs, or more ways to show your readers love. 

Be creative: You can use bits and pieces of what you wrote as copy on your website, sales pages, emails, and in social media updates.