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Is your sales page selling you?
Or selling you short? 

does your sales page put your
would-be clients to sleep? 


You cringe as you scroll through your sales page copy. You spent days on it, but you wonder if it's good enough.

You're afraid potential customers will click away too soon. You offer incredible value -- but do they get it?

You're overwhelmed, confused, and discouraged. You've tried every formula and template and absorbed all of the free advice. But your copy still reads like a dried out digital tumbleweed.  

You think you're stuck with bland sales page copy that doesn't reflect your brand. Sure, you'd love to hire a pro, but you're not ready to invest yet.


want sales page copy that excites your dream clients? switch to caffeinated

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You wish your sales page copy could connect with your dream clients, making them high-pitch-squeal excited to work with you, and helping you cash in while you're snoozing (or awake).

You're ready to ditch the one-size-fits-all formulas and templates. Stop trying to cram your curvy copy into that training bra! You want sales page copy that fits you and your brand.

You're excited to make easy changes that will immediately improve your sales page.


Let's make your copy caffeinated...


Well, hey. I'm Melanie Sparks, the copywriter who evokes emotion. 

I can help turn your sales page into copy that feels like you, connects with your ideal client, and sells.

I'm like a double shot of the strong stuff for your sales page. 

How can I help?

We're going to perk up your sales page in less than an hour. You'll get a pro review of your sales page copy with word-for-word suggestions and clear ideas for improvement. We'll cut through the word-fog until your message is beaming.  

what's in it for you?

  • Copy that speaks directly to your ideal clients, showing them you get them, and lighting the path to working with you. 
  • Clear direction on creating copy that turns browsers into raving fans. 
  • Copy that feels good to you and fits your brand. 

give your Sales Page copy a jolt


Your Copy Caffeinated

The package includes:


Before we jump into your sales page copy, let me get to know you better. You'll answer pre-work questions to introduce yourself, your biz, and your dream clients.

I'll get to work reviewing your sales page copy, and you'll get access to your report and recommendations before our session.

Access to this copywriter's brain

We'll spend 30 minutes digging into your report and discussing ways you can improve your sales page copy immediately.

You can implement my recommendations to your sales page right after the call. It's like magic.


After our session, you'll receive a recording of our call, just in case you missed any of the good stuff.

Investment: $197


Ready to take a shot of Sales page copy caffeine? You daredevil.

Here's how to get started:

  1. Click the YES button and pay.

  2. Within 24 hours of payment, you'll receive an email with your prep-work and a link to book our session for the following week.  

  3. Get excited! Before our session, I'll send your chock-full of copy goodness report. We'll grab our beverages of choice, meet via Zoom, and polish your sales page copy. 

But wait...

Is it really possible to improve your website copy in about an hour? YES.

This isn't a course with hours of copywriting theory (although that sounds like fun to me). It's not an on-your-own template.

Your Copy Caffeinated is a quick, hands-on session focused on your brand, your biz, and your sales page copy.

I'm confident I can give you the actual words and practical steps to improve your sales page copy immediately. In fact, if I don't believe I can improve your sales page copy, I'll tell you so and refund your money.  

Have a question? Email me

P.S. - If you decide to have me write your sales page copy for you, you'll save $197 on the project. 


"I just have to brag on the amazing Melanie J Sparks for a hot minute. We hopped on a call today and she BLEW MY MIND!

She's full of so much wisdom and practical advice (that I can implement in my biz TODAY!). I'm so grateful for her time. If you need a fresh set of eyes to look at your content or your website, Melanie is a rockstar!" -- Emily K.