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 Day Rates & Done-With-You

when you need copy yesterday

Why Hire Me at a Day Rate?

Because it might not make sense to hire me at a project rate. Here’s why:

  • Maybe you’re just starting out and don’t have the budget yet…

  • Maybe you’re launching a low-cost item and need copy support but the numbers don’t make sense…

  • Maybe you want to dip your toes in before investing in the deep-end…

  • Maybe you’re hair-on-fire busy launching and don’t have weeks to wait…

    Let me introduce you to my Day Rates…

A Day Rate is your opp to “rent” my marketing/copywriting expert brain by the hour to:

  • Strategize and plan your launch…or

  • Get my eyes on your copy and get detailed recommendations to make it convert like crazy…or

  • I can write/rewrite a key chunk of your copy

Day Rate clients strut to the front of the line and get a small (but important) project done quickly, efficiently, and inexpensively — versus waiting weeks or months to get on my calendar, and paying more for a project rate. Of course, my done-for-you services go deeper, but sometimes you need money-making copy — and you need it yesterday.

I’m working on the time travel thing…but until then, let’s book a Day Rate session.

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In one hour we might …

> Create a launch map/timeline for a simple launch...or

> Review and make recommendations for a brief email sequence...or

> Review your and make recommendations for a landing page, or a brief lead magnet,
or brief sales page
(if it’s ultra-long-scroll, we’ll need 3 hours)

Investment: $300

(Paid in full when booking your session)

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In three hours we might…

> Create a launch map/timeline for a big launch...or set me loose to...

> Write a 3-4 email webinar show-up sequence, or 2-3 sales emails...or

> Review and rewrite a brief landing/sales page...or

> Review and make detailed recommendations for a long-form sales page

Investment: $900

(Paid in full when booking your session)

Wanna double-up? Book 2 Triple Shots for $1,800, and we’ll spread the time out over 2-3 days.

Before you book…we’ll hop on a quick call to make sure a Day Rate is what you want —what you really, really want. (Sorry. Couldn’t resist.)

How does a day rate work?

And it goes a little something like this…

  1. We get on a quick call to make sure a day rate will get you the results you want, and that we’re the right fit. If it’s a “Yeah Boyyyyy” (in your best Flava Flav voice)…

  2. You pay in full, sign the contract, and book your session. All online and relatively painless. (For real — not like when your doctor says, “This won’t hurt at all.”)

  3. A welcome email and questionnaire slides into your inbox, along with access to a shared Google Drive folder. (Promise it’s way smoother than the dude from that Facebook group sliding into your DM’s. You know who you are, dude.)

  4. At the end of our time, your deliverable, plus a recording of our call, will magically appear in our shared folder. (Don’t worry, I’ll let you know it’s there.)

    The Day Rate Service can go down in one of two ways (your choice)…

  • We can be on the call together the entire time — live reviewing, rewriting on the fly, chugging coffee, and generally making copy magic. Or…

  • We hop on a brief kickoff call before you set me loose on your copy. (No need for you to hold the line and your bladder. After all, you’re a busy entrepreneur.)

Please note, a Day Rate is based on getting as much work done on a specific deliverable as possible in a limited amount of time. It doesn’t include voice of customer research, a brand deep-dive, or revisions to the copy. If you’re after the whole enchilada, book a call and we’ll discuss a project rate.

Launching and need a little more hand holding?

Boxes are great for stuff. People are not stuff. (2).png

Done with You

Simple Funnel

Here’s how it works:

  • I send a questionnaire and once it's complete, we hop on a quick kickoff call. I’ll use this intel to decide which of my top-secret pro-copywriter templates are perfect for your needs and goals.

  • You get to work using my pre-writing sales copy workbook, plus tips for getting juicy copy gems straight from your ideal clients. Then you draft your copy using the templates I provide for Facebook ads, a landing page, and a short 3-5 email sequence.

  • You share your copy with me. I’ll review and we get on a call to go overs recs for making it even better...and you’re off and launching.

*Max timeline 4 weeks.


(50% deposit and 50% upon booking final call)

Only 1 space available each month.