Is Your Content "Good Enough"
(See: Forgettable)?


If your content isn't connecting with your readers, they won't invest their time and energy in you. They'll forget about you as soon as the next social media ping cartwheels across the screen like a squirrel wearing body glitter. And you can forget about their money.

Your copy has a J-O-B to do. Not all content deserves your reader's attention, let alone their hard-earned spending cash. The right words leave readers craving your content like gummy bears, a frothy caramel macchiato, or a gummy bear latte. (Please don't do it, coffee giant.) Once your copy connects, your readers won't be able to get enough.

So, why does most copy hang out on the couch, pretending to search for jobs, while it's really playing Candy Crush? 

The missing ingredient in your copy is usually YOU. Shocking, I know. Yes, you. Your story. Your personality. Your why. It's missing. Your content needs you, not a carbon-copy of insert big-name blogger. YOU.

let's kick your content off the couch and put it to work.


WHy hire ME?

Writing is my passion and my purpose. I've been a storyteller, since I could speak. My copy connects with readers. And isn't that the point?

I'm a Content Strategist + Writer with more than 17 years of experience. Ultimately, I'm in it for the readers because they deserve engaging, useful content. 

Ready to light a fire under your copy's behind? Here's a match...


  • Marketing
  • Copywriting
  • Content Strategy
  • Email Marketing


  • Blog posts and articles
  • E-books
  • Sales pages, about pages, email sequences

education and credentials

  • Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Master of Science in Organizational Communication coming soon (30 of 33 credits) 
  • Hubspot Inbound Marketing Certified
  • Copyblogger Certified Content Marketer

Portfolio: Recent Articles 


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Could a the Ivy Lee Method, simple productivity method developed in the early 1900s, help entrepreneurs in 2017? 

My Adaptable Career


 results from working with me

"Melanie's suggestions helped me repurpose and revive older content, and it gave me an outside perspective on my strengths and weaknesses. She offered concrete, simple action steps I could take to improve each blog post...I already have so much clarity, thanks to this process."

Emily McGee, My Adaptable Career

*Emily received Content Inventory and Content GPS services.



Investing in your content is an investment in your readers. If you’re hoping to attract readers and customers online, your copy must be on-point.

I can't promise you a wave of my magic copy wand and boom: six figures. (I wish.) But I can promise you strategic, smart content aimed at connecting with your readers. 

If you're serious about your content, please reach out. Once I know more about your project, your audience, and your goals, I'll develop a detailed proposal.

The rates below are not a substitute for an official proposal and are subject to change.

Services & Rates


  • Content strategy sessions start at $297 for a 60-minute in-depth session

Content Inventory

  • Inventory and assessment of up to 12 of pieces of content, such as emails and blog posts: $147 (A detailed review: how your content meets reader needs, headline and hook strength, content upgrade ideas, and more)


  • Rates are project-based and start at $247

Blog Writing

  • Blog writing starts at $150 per post (approx 750 words)

E-book ghostwriting 

  • Ghostwriting or rewriting start at $75 an hour


  • Proofreading starts at $35 per hour
  • Content editing starts at $50 an hour  
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sometimes you're too close to your content. get the big picture.

"Working with Melanie on my content helped me in ways I couldn't have planned for or foreseen. Not only is she amazing with helping you see your overall content picture, she can help get all those content details nailed down. 

I was blown away by the content inventory she provided me. It was like a little health checkup for my blogging content."

Michaela Hoffman

*Michaela received Content Inventory and Content GPS services.


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