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Your client is the hero
your brand is the mentor...

The most powerful brand stories are those with the
client playing the hero...

Too many brands are telling the wrong story. They shout to the world, "Look at us! See how great we are!"

They have pop-up peacock tails at every turn. And why not strut your brand around? 

It's not that your brand isn't strut-worthy. It's that you've got the story wrong.

Your client is the hero on his or her own journey. And your brand, should it be fortunate enough to be chosen, is has its role. 

Your brand is the mentor, guiding the hero along the journey to a better life. 

The question isn't: "How can we tell the story of how awesome our brand is?" 

The question is: How can we help our dream clients get what they want? How can we help them be heroes?

Your job is to figure out where you can meet your client on this journey, and how you can tell a story that compels them to accept your invitation. 

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The cost of not having a clear brand voice...

What's the big deal about having a crystal clear brand voice? Maybe you have a logo and a gorgeous website. But that won't mean much, if your words are wrong.

Words sell. Your story and its knack for connecting emotionally with your dream clients can make the difference between being a lifetime passenger on the struggle bus, or being the CEO of your dream business.

Getting perfectly clear and confident in your brand story means you can...

  • Stop flailing around with your words and messages. Instead, you'll know exactly what to say and how to say it to attract your dream clients
  • Stop blending in like a competition-chameleon. Instead, own your brand's story and position it as the solution your hero must have
  • Stop waffling around and wishy-washing your brand. Instead, know the emotions behind what you do, and use them to hook your dream client into your brand story. 
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Introducing...Plot  Your Brand 

What is plot your brand™?

Plot Your Brand ™ is a client-centered approach to telling your brand story. It focuses on understanding the client and your brand through the lens of a good story.

Like other brand strategy and brand story services, you can expect a deep-dive into your business, your brand, your services or products, and your clients. The difference is framing your tale as a hero's journey. 

How does it work?

Plot Your Brand™ is included in the complete website copywriting package, and it's the foundation for your website copy. It's so important that I won't write your copy without it. (The rare exception is made for brand-wizards.)

You may choose to start with Plot Your Brand™ as a standalone service. 

Here's how the story unfolds...

Prologue: Red Tape

  • Schedule our nice-to-meet-you call. So we can test our copy chemistry. 
  • Your proposal + paperwork appear in your inbox. You say yes, sign on the digital line, and pay. 

Chapter 1: research

  • You'll get a welcome guide + an in-depth questionnaire to dig into your client (AKA hero), your foes (AKA competitors), and your brand (AKA mentor). Don't worry....if you feel like you're in too deep, I'll be guiding you through every step on our call... 
  • We'll Zoom on a 90-minute call. (Your choice of video or voice only because we all have those days.) Grab some brain food and coffee because we're going to plot your brand story! (Insert squeals of delight!!)
  • Behind the scenes, I'll be scoping out your top competitors, observing your brand's social media, and, where appropriate, sampling your stuff, checking out your survey results, and chatting with your biggest fans.  

Chapter 2: The Goods

(In between chapters, I probably had too much caffeine, chased a squirrel or two, before settling in to craft your very Plot Your Brand™ Guide. This guide is customized for your brand. It's YOUR brand story, not a generic workbook.)

  • You'll get access to your tale. (Again with the squeals of delight!!) Never fear feeling lost because...
  • We'll Zoom again, my friend. I'll walk you through your guide, what it means for your brand, how the heck to use it, and what to do next. (The sequel?) 

What does your Plot Your Brand™ guide reveal? 

  • Setting: Explore what you're doing in your business, where you're headed, and what matters to you. Figure out how your brand story will help you get there. Snoop on those pesky foes (or dear friends) to analyze how they tell their stories. 
  • Characters: (Hero, Supporting Cast, Foes, and Mentor) Uncover your dream client, their desires, their habits, their words. Discover who's supporting them, and who's standing in their way. Clarify the role your brand wants to play.
  • Big + Little Conflicts: Explore the points of friction between what your would-be client wants and getting it. Turn the knife with pain points and worst-case scenarios, and learn how to leverage that pain into action-taking.    
  • Turning Point: (When the Hero Meets the Mentor) Spell out how you can help your client be the hero. Delve into their hesitations about saying yes to you, and how you can overcome them. Fine-tune your invitation to become part of your hero's story.   
  • Resolution: Make your big promise perfectly clear. Paint the five-senses picture of life with what they want. Summon the feelings of having their desired result. 
  • Your Brand's Plot: Tie it all together with a narrative overview of your client's path along the hero's journey, from their life before (with that thorn in their side), to meeting you, the mentor, to accepting your invitation, and finally, the reward of a better life. 
  • Swipe-Worthy Words: You'll get all of the above in your guide, plus these sweet goodies for your brand....
    • Values (Because your story should be rooted in what matters to you.)
    • Emotions (Because your words should align with how you want people to feel about your brand.) 
    • Rallying cry (Your motto. Your creed. This is WHY you do this work.)
    • Punchy tagline
    • On-brand words and phrases 
    • Must-communicate brand messages
    • Make-it-quick brand pitch 
    • High-level outline of touch-points along your hero's journey

Ready to take your client on the hero's journey? Take the first step and book your free 20-minute call...

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Plot Your Brand™

Investment = $997

Your brand strategy package includes:

  • Intro guide, plus in-depth questionnaire
  • 90-minute 1:1 brand intensive 
  • Research into your brand, competitors, and dream clients
  • Your customized Plot Your Brand™ Guide, including the story of your client's journey with your brand
  • 30-minute walk-through call 
  • Swipe-Worthy Words file just for your brand, including your motto, values, tagline, and more

Ready to take the first step? Book your free 20-minute call...

Hero, meet your mentor...

Melanie Sparks

Well, hey, CEO. I'm Melanie. That's me, and my desk isn't that neat in real life. (Bonus: Good hair day).

Fun fact: In addition to writing creative copy, I write fiction. (Please don't ask about my Stephen-King-esque short-story collection at age 9.)

When I started helping clients with their branding and copywriting, I wondered if I could apply my fiction storytelling skills to the realm of nonfiction and business. 

The idea was set in stone with my concept for this About Page. The client's brand inspired me to not only watch Lord of the Rings for the first time, but to explore the classic hero's journey as a template for the copy. 

My brand is different. Your brand is different. So, no worries if your brand is not even close to being straight-up wizardry. 

Can the Plot Your Brand™ method be applied to your brand? Yes. 

Every brand has the components of a good story. You just need the right mentor to help you tell it.   


Curious? Let's talk. It's free...