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One simple question for entrepreneurs who want to amp up visibility, make more connections, and make more money...

What’s the difference between entrepreneurs who Leapfrog to six- and seven-figures and those who stay stuck in
barely-paying-your-bills purgatory?

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If you guessed...

A funnel strategy so complicated NASA signed off on it... 

Oh, they got lucky and were born internet geniuses...

Their product/service/sales skills/abs/aura—all must be a million times better than yours...

Sorry. All wrong. 

Fact is—
Y-O-U could be cracking the whip on conversions too

(insert awkward woop-pow sound effect here)

But you’re not...because those high-rolling CEOs have figured out
the answer to that one simple question, and you haven’t.

What’s the difference between you and them?


You’ve Made D.I.Y. an Art Form

(and damn skippy, you’re proud of it)

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Ahh, the fine art of doing-it-all-yourself…
let’s break out the sparkling grape juice and saltines.

I know how it is because I’ve been there—feet anchored in D.I.Y. concrete (that I mixed myself, for the record). 

Sure, you have clients and sales. You’re making good-enough money. 

Buuuuut, you’re not quite “there” yet. And you’ve made up your mind that you can’t hire a copywriter, until you level-up, reach the net-worth apple pie in the sky, or have hordes of clients lined up like you’re the next iphone...

You continue to…

  • Grit your teeth through writing all of your own copy...sales pages, email sequences, blog posts, opt-ins...that’s what templates are for, right? 
  • Procrasti-write your copy, pushing your copywriting project from today, to next week, to never-gonna-happen
  • Cringe when you realize it’s been three years since you wrote your email welcome sequence, and your business has changed so much that it feels like an alien wrote it
  • Wonder if that low-enough-to-do-the-limbo conversion rate is as good as it gets
  • Sigh as you spend yet another evening hunched over your desk, with your kid climbing into your lap, and you want to have a good ugly-cry, but you’re too damn tired 


You dream of being able to drop cash for a new ride, 
but in reality you're spending an hour guilt-scrolling the local job boards
because you’re not sure your biz is gonna make it…


You’re doing it all yourself and…
that cash-roll carrying Dream version of you isn’t.

How about moving on up to done-for-you copywriting? 
Because you don’t have the time or energy to do/be all the things.
(and you don’t have to)

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“I have worked with a lot of contractors in the past, and Melanie was SEAMLESS. I made very few updates to the copy (which was part of our contract so I expected to do a lot more work) and saved myself hours of work.”
— Courtney Johnston, The Rule Breaker's Club

What Would the
Cash-Roll Carrying CEO Do?

(hint: it’s not download another paint-by-number-sales-page template)

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Can we talk about why you started your business in the first place? 

You wanted to help people in a way only you can. 
You wanted to escape the 9-to-5 cubicle-life that felt kinda like prison without cable TV. 
You wanted more flexibility in your schedule—you know to HAVE A LIFE.
You wanted to make money without dying a slow, soul-crushing death in exchange.

You had more than a dream... 

You had a plan + goals, and you had the NERVE to actually do it. 
While others passively pinned to their Dream Life board, you jumped. 
You brought your business to life
“It’s alive,” you screamed into the interwebs like a mad scientist with better hair.

And now...it feels like you’ve created a monster that…

Tells you what to do, how to do it, and when...that micromanaging jerk
Demands that you work nights, weekends, and lunches
Laughs in your face (with spittle) when you dare to set aside time for self-care, rest, or family
Keeps you at just enough income to pay the bills, but never-ever-ever lets you get ahead

^^ I’m betting that’s NOT why you started your business ^^

So why in the name of Marie Forleo are you
letting your monster-biz stomp all over you?

Why You’re Still Doing It Yourself—
Like a Champ

(and why you’ll never reach the big-time with D.I.Y.)

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Reason #1: The Enduring Badge of Honor Myth

You’re brave, smart, capable, and on a good day reasonably bad-ass. 
Why shouldn’t you be able to do it all yourself? 
You’ve probably done pretty much everything else by yourself. 
Plus, you get invisible credits to redeem in the afterlife...or something like that.

Truth time

You don’t get a shiny badge, certificate, credit, or any real reward for bucking up and doing it all yourself. 
Instead, you end up extra crispy from all that burn-out, soaking in a bubble-bath-of-bitterness,
and blaming everyone else for you not asking for help.  

Doing it all yourself is NOT a sign of strength…
it’s a sign you need to allow yourself to be helped.

Reason #2: The “When I Have X, Then I Can...” Illusion

Does your internal dialogue sound anything like this?

“When I hit upper-six-figures, then I’ll hire that copywriter I’ve been eyeing for months.”
“When I have a team of five, then I’ll turn my launch copy over to a professional,
so I can sleep more than two hours a night.”
“When I have extra time, then I’ll ask my mastermind for copywriter recommendations..
and get around to hiring one someday.”
“When the constellations line up just so, like they do only once every 1,000 years,
then I’ll stop doing everything myself.”

Truth time

There’s never a “perfect time” to do anything. If you’d waited for the perfect time to launch your business, you’d still be dodging the barbs of office politics and “celebrating” your annual 1.5% raise. 
**sarcastic confetti toss**
Stop waiting for an imaginary milestone to hire a professional copywriter…
the milestone is you’re freakin’ ready to STOP doing it all yourself
and STILL make more money.


Reason #3: The “You’ll Never Get My Voice” Conundrum

You’re right. Your voice is one-of-a-kind.

Have you ever marveled at a comedian’s (or your brother’s) spot-on impression of someone?
Do you know a lot of the copy from insert-your-entrepreneurial-hero-here
was written by a copywriter and not by your hero?
Ever read a page-turner masterfully told from multiple points-of-view?

It can be done.  

Truth time

Getting a client’s voice is part talent, part skill, part experiment/tweak. You need a copywriter who does her research into you, your brand, and your ideal customers, and maybe she knows a thing or two about storytelling.     

The right copywriter will nail your voice and, more importantly,
she’ll write copy that SPEAKS to your ideal clients.

(Pssst...that copywriter loves George Michael and Edy’s French Silk Ice Cream
and has a Southern accent, y’all.) 

If You Still Think Hiring a Copywriter Is Like Shoving Your Cash in a T-Shirt Cannon and Blasting It into the Ungrateful Crowd…Please Stop Reading

(if so, I’m not your huckleberry)

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But. But. But. 

It’s only words on a page, right? Anyone can write copy. 

Anyone can write shoulder-shrugging-clicking-away-to-watch-cat-videos copy. 
Yep, anyone can do that.  

High-converting copy isn’t words flung on a page. 

Copy sells. 

(or it lands with a thud like a message from that guy who says you have really smooth-looking skin)

What if your copy is actually giving your would-be clients a nasty case of on-the-fence-itis, or chasing away those credit card digits, like it just ate an over-sized bowl of garlic-onion-smells-like-your-dad's-feet soup?

Right about now, you’re checking your breath, popping a mint, and nodding your head.

You’re all wound up and ready to send your D.I.Y. copy a text— “we’re through. don't call me. don't text me”... 

You’re saying:

“You’re right. I can’t do it all…
I’d rather have cash than a fake badge of D.I.Y. honor...
Forget those rules about needing X, before I can hire a copywriter…
I just made a new rule: I’m ready to stop doing it all myself...
I see it’s possible for the right copywriter to get my voice…
And I accept that hiring a good copywriter is a smart, long-term investment in my business.
But where is this unicorn who loves George Michael, Edy's French Silk, and has a Southern accent?”

How you doin'?


That copywriter who knows every.single.word to every George Michael song (test me), loves Edy's French Silk (slow churned, y'all), and has a Southern accent? That's me.

I'm Melanie Sparks, the conversion copywriter who just did a D.I.Y. intervention on you. (Surprise!)  

Want copy that's a 24/7 selling machine? 

Of course you do. 


"You can turn a project over to Melanie with very little direction and get back copy that perfectly connects with your audience (even when you don’t know how to articulate exactly who your audience is). To me, that’s one measure of a great copywriter. I’m also impressed with how Melanie consistently comes up with big ideas that dial into value propositions – not easy to do."

-- Amy Posner
Direct Response Instructor at the San Francisco School of Copywriting, Coach for Copy Hackers,
and founder of Copy Clinic

-- Amy Posner, Direct Response Instructor at the San Francisco School of Copywriting, Coach for Copy Hackers, and founder of Copy Clinic

The Nitty Gritty

You: So, what's this going to cost me?

Me: Hey, I get it. I never did find that money tree either. But let me ask you a question...(pause for dramatic effect)

What's your D.I.Y. copy costing you now? How many prospects are shrugging and clicking away to watch cat videos?



Projects start at $1,000 (that’s the bare minimum…if this were an outfit you’d be in your knickers)

Timeline 2-6 weeks, more for a full-on launch (contact me sooner, not later)

For your customized quote...

-- Stephanie Blake, CEO, Social Sparrow

-- Stephanie Blake, CEO, Social Sparrow

“I love the sales copy! So much so that I paid for Leadpages and had my VA get this set up ASAP!”
— Becky Mollenkamp, CEO, Own It Crush It
After reading my new sales page, I wanted to work with me!
— Erin Shebish, Creative Business | Life Coach
Erin's testimonial
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All The Questions

(for the over-active brains like mine)

Why should I pay you to write copy, when I can do it myself?

Just because you can do it yourself doesn't mean you should. (At-home tattoos being a tragic example.) Unless copywriting is truly your zone of genius, you shouldn't be doing it yourself.

Hiring a conversion copywriter is a long-term investment in your business--NOT kissing your cash goodbye and throwing it to the wind. Compelling copy = more money in your pocket. If you don't see the potential dollar signs in expertly crafted copy, we're not a fit, straight-up.

Do you know what you're doing?

Yes, I do. I've always been a good writer and have 17+ years of experience. But I've also invested heavily in becoming a damn good conversion copywriter...Copy Hackers Copy School, Emotion Sells Masterclass, Copyblogger Authority, AWAI Six-Figure Copywriting, Digital Marketer Direct Response Certification, and Copy Clinic with Amy Posner...to name a few. 

How long does this process take?

It depends on what's already on my plate and what's on your schedule. The range is 2-6 weeks, with 3 weeks being the average. But if our schedules align, and you're ready to throw down, you could have completed sales copy in 2 weeks.  

How much time do I need to invest in this process?

The whole idea of Sales on Autopilot is to get it done for you. It will save you hours and hours of gritting your teeth, while trying to cram your copy into another mismatched sales-page template. (Not to mention all those hours you spend cringe-scrolling what you wrote and changing it for the umpteenth time.) 

Bottom line: A few hours...You'll be present for our kickoff call and have the option of a live copy-revisions call. Other than that, I'll make it easy for you to provide background info, review your copy, and ask for revisions.  

Do you have a specialty or niche?

I love working with online entrepreneurs, including course creators, creatives, designers, healers, coaches, strategists, consultants, and other expertise-based businesses. Ideally, you've been in business for 2+ years, and you're evolving, growing, and scaling--the perfect time to call me in

What are your payment terms?

Nothing fancy. A 50% deposit is required to book your project, and 50% is due upon delivery of your final copy. I use 17 Hats for client management, linked to PayPal for payments. A few clicks and your project is rolling.

What if I need MORE?

I'm your huckleberry. You can add additional pieces at a preferred client rate. Just ask.

Why an application?

Because I value your time and mine, I only work with clients who are a good fit.   

What if I'm not sure or still have questions?

No worries. That's why I offer a 20-minute intro call, after you apply, to see if we're a fit.

Done trying to do it all yourself? Upgrade to done-for-you copywriting ^^