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Does the thought of creating content for your business make you want to hide under the bed crying into a pint of ice cream, while Adele sings in the background? Oh, just me?

maybe Creating content makes
you say...WTF!  

  • Should I be doing this or this or that? Or all of it? 
  • Is my writing voice strong enough?
  • Does anyone care?
  • Is creating content supposed to feel like WTF!?  
  • WTF is a content strategy? And why do I need one?
  • Am I wasting my time?

Good news. You don't have to say WTF to your content anymore! You don't have to hide under the bed with your Edy's French Silk Ice Cream, while sing-crying to "Careless Whisper"! (That was a little too specific to be fictional.)

Let's be real. All you want is someone to tell you what to do so your content isn't a hot mess...to help you plan and create strategic content. 

You want someone to Un-WTF Your Content

It doesn't have to be fancy, or complicated, or beyond your reach. You can do this. Yes, you. Step away from the ice cream and press pause on the pity party. 

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What if you could create
strategic content without losing
all of your free time? And without banging your head against your keyboard!

You Can Create lovable Content,
and It doesn't have to hurt.   


You're going to feel confident when you click publish because you're 100 percent sure your content is useful, engaging, and memorable. 

You're going to create content that speaks to your ideal clients and keeps them coming back for more. 

You're going to show up in your content. The value of what you offer will beam through the screen. 

You're going to click publish like a boss -- an organized, consistent boss who saves WTF for something else.


Your content is going to be Un-WTF-withable.

I know how busy you are. You don't have time for BS. So, we'll pack a lot of punch into our session, and you'll walk away with clear strategies and simple tools for creating better content in less time. 

How are we going to Un-WTF! Your Content? With a strategy, plan, and process that work for you. Boom.

un-wtf your content

best for...entrepreneurs ready to say bye felicia to feelings of WTF and content overwhelm  

Feeling lost, frustrated, and over it about your content? I've been there. You've landed in the right place.

We'll tackle the wtf by...

  • Determining the right path for your content based on your expertise and what lights you up.
  • Pinpointing your target clients, their hopes, dreams, and their WTF frustrations.
  • Wowing your potential clients with your incredibly valuable content. 
  • Building the foundation for your content based on your strategy, big ideas, and smart ways to get it done.
  • Mapping out the what, when, how, and where of your content. You'll know exactly what to post, publish, share, and email for the next three months. 

How it works...

  • Click the YES button and complete a quick form.
  • You'll receive a quote, invoice, and contract via email. (Note: Payment is due upon acceptance.)
  • Once the contract is signed and the invoice is paid (via Paypal), you'll receive a link to schedule your session.
  • After you schedule your session, you'll receive a welcome email and access to a shared folder on Google Drive, which will contain your workbook, templates, and pre-work.
  • We'll meet via Zoom, roll up our sleeves, and untangle the WTF of your content. (Your choice of video or audio only.)
  • Within 3 business days of our session, you'll receive your personalized report, plan, and a recording of our session.

You'll strut away with...

  • Your personalized Strategic Content Plan. (Yep, it's a strategy for your content.)
  • Your completed 3-month content calendar and Content Dashboard.
  • The 50-page Un-WTF Your Content workbook and templates to help you create better content. Templates include the Content Dashboard/Calendar, Smart Content Outline, and bonus Trello boards.    
what you get

Let's build a simple strategy for your content and plan your content for the next 3 months.

Book by Dec. 31, 2017 and save $100. (Use code WHAM2017. For real.)


Even established content creators get awesome results from
working with me

"Melanie's suggestions helped me repurpose and revive older content, and it gave me an outside perspective on my strengths and weaknesses. She offered concrete, simple action steps I could take to improve each blog post.

I love that I have a punch list of techniques to try, and I feel like I understand exactly what I should do next.

I already have so much clarity, thanks to this process, on how to improve my product sales pages to reach my audience better, and a long list of blog posts that will help me attract my ideal reader."

Emily McGee, My Adaptable Career


Just Right and Not Even Close

I want this to work for you, but I know it
won't work for everyone. 

Who's a good fit for Un-WTF?

just right
  • You're a busy entrepreneur who knows there's long-term value in your content. 
  • You have a million content ideas but don't know how to choose.
  • You need to clarify your ideal audience and how your content serves them. 
  • You're starting to hate your blog because creating one post takes FOREVER.
  • You've tried every content calendar and planning freebie out there, and you're still not creating strategic, consistent content.

On the other hand, it's probably not a good fit for you right now if:

wrong choice
  • You've never said, thought, or typed WTF and are offended by it.
  • You don't care what your readers want.
  • You don't think content should be strategic. (Gasp.)
  • You've never cried into a pint of ice cream. (Hard pass.)

All the free downloads in the world can't replace 90 minutes with a content expert.
Tired of wasting your time? Cut the BS and sign up already!

sometimes you're too close to your content to see the big picture.

"Working with Melanie on my content helped me in ways I couldn't have planned for or foreseen. Not only is she amazing with helping you see your overall content picture, she can help get all those content details nailed down. 

I was blown away by the content inventory she provided me. It was like a little health checkup for my blogging content. It helped me identify the gaps in my content, and she helped me through her Content GPS to fix the issues and strengthen my content going forward."

Michaela Hoffman

Melanie Sparks

hi there

I'm Melanie Sparks, a content strategist with 17+ years of experience. I help creative online entrepreneurs un-WTF their content so they can create strategic, wow-worthy content in less time with less face-to-keyboard action.

I'm also:

  • A journalism grad
  • A little snarky
  • A proud Kentuckian
  • A mom -- since the age of 17
  • A leftie
  • An INFJ 
  • A proud member of the WTF Did You Just Say Society of North America (Might be a lie.)
Copyblogger certified


What if i don't like you?

Well, that's not very nice. But it's not possible to be liked by everyone. How about we start with a free 20-minute intro call? If we don't mesh, we'll call it quits right then and there.

can i get a refund?

Due to the nature of our work together, I won't give refunds after the fact. However, if something tragic happens in your life and you need to postpone or cancel our time together, let me know and we'll work it out.

why are you an expert?

I've been working in content creation for 17+ years. (Yes, I'm that old.) I earned a BA in Journalism and I'm 3 credits shy of an MS in Organizational Communication. It's what I do (well).

can't i just google it?

Sure. You can probably Google strategic content plan and content calendar. (You can DIY almost anything these days. Please, no DIY surgery. Ever.) But you can't Google a content expert to walk you through the process step-by-step. Only you can decide if you need a real person to help you, and if I'm the right person to work with you.


You made it to the end of the page for a reason. Interested but have questions? Email me