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I'll show you what I can do...

Exhibit 1: Website Copy

Client: Maggie Giele

Project: About Page Refresh

Concept: Hero's Journey

Research Highlight: Watching Lord of the Rings for the first time


Let's slay those dragons…

A lot has changed since Maggie wrote her About Page a few years ago. Her business has grown, and she's gotten clear on her ideal clients. In her words, the page was "good, but not good enough anymore."  

Maggie's brand is geeked out in the best way--with unicorns, Lord of the Rings + Harry Potter references, oh my. I set out to take her soon-to-be clients on a dragon-slaying-business-owner's version of the classic hero's journey, including of course, meeting the mentor. 

The challenge for this About Page was living up to Maggie's already magical brand, as well as balancing the purely creative side of the copy with the business side.

Here's what Maggie had to say about her new About Page copy...

"Melanie has been a dream to work with! After a bad first experience with a copywriter, I was very wary of the 'finality' of hiring a copywriter (what if I don't like the work?). Melanie quickly got inside my head on our initial call, so much so that I was nodding along to her words. 

When I first saw my new copy, I gasped out loud, and when I showed it to my mastermind, there were squeals of 'this is so you!' 

Melanie had managed to take my vision of a fun, fresh, fantasy-infused brand and blend it with strong business principles and the values that I stand for - capturing my voice and personality better than I could have ever done myself." -- Maggie Giele


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Exhibit 2: Sales Page

Client: Becky Mollenkamp

Project: Sales Page for Course

Concept: The Power of Mindset, Hold the Woo 

Research Highlight: Digging into my own money beliefs through the course


Getting your mindset right...

Becky is a pro writer and an incredible one at that. Like so many entrepreneurs, she has written most of her own copy, and it works. She has successfully grown her business, brand, and community. But as her business grew, so did she. Her voice evolved, and she needed copy to reflect that.  

Own It, Crush It is about owning your power and pushing past self-imposed limits to be the boss you're meant to be. There's no room for BS or make-believe in Becky's approach, but plenty of space for compassion and being real.

The challenge for this sales page was presenting a mindset course in a style that reflected Becky's brand and spoke to the tangible benefits of working on what's "all in your mind."


Here's what Becky had to say about her sales page copy...

"I love the sales copy! So much so that I paid for Leadpages and had my VA get this set up ASAP!" 


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