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Melanie Sparks Copywriter

Creating great content doesn't have to suck. 

Stuck? Scattered? Confused about your content? 

It shouldn't be this hard. It shouldn't make you say: WTF! 

I know that you can create strategic content that connects with your future clients.   

I'm Melanie Sparks, a content strategist for creative online entrepreneurs. I'm here to help with your content strategy, plan, and process.

Want to sort out your content mess in 90 minutes? Let's go.   


Creating strategic content
doesn't have to hurt.

Here's how I can help... 


Go from directionless hot mess to confident and strategic content creator with this 90-minute one-on-one session.  

You need strategic content to connect with your ideal clients. But, hey, you don't have the time. Let me help.  

Real, valuable tips for improving your content. I don't like it when someone wastes my time. So, I won't waste yours.


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