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“As a frazzled entrepreneur, I love when people take the responsibility off my plate and deliver above and beyond. I have worked with a lot of contractors in the past, and Melanie was SEAMLESS. I made very few updates to the copy (which was part of our contract so I expected to do a lot more work) and saved myself hours of work.”
— Courtney Johnston, The Rule Breaker's Club
-- Amy Posner, Direct Response Instructor at the San Francisco School of Copywriting, Coach for Copy Hackers, and founder of Copy Clinic

"Melanie is the real deal. Not only is she an accomplished and knowledgeable copywriter, she’s a sharp marketer, so you get the full stack. She’s also ridiculously fast and efficient which is great for me – I tend to move quickly and have a hard time finding people who can keep up – Melanie may be faster than I am!

You can turn a project over to Melanie with very little direction and get back copy that perfectly connects with your audience (even when you don’t know how to articulate exactly who your audience is). To me, that’s one measure of a great copywriter. I’m also impressed with how Melanie consistently comes up with big ideas that dial into value propositions – not easy to do.

Finally, I love that Melanie always shows up with a sense of humor and a great attitude. If you want a pro copywriter you can trust and rely on to get the job done well and on time, look no further."

-- Amy Posner
Direct Response Instructor at the San Francisco School of Copywriting, Coach for Copy Hackers,
and founder of Copy Clinic

When I first saw my new copy, I gasped out loud, and when I showed it to my mastermind, there were squeals of ‘this is so you!’
— Maggie Giele, Digital Business Strategist
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I just need to tell you how amazing you are and how much I love you. I told a few people about you here at the mastermind, but promise me you’ll never leave me!
— Cathy Olson, President, Love Inspired
After reading my new sales page, I wanted to work with me!
— Erin Shebish, Creative Business | Life Coach
Erin's testimonial
“Wow! You nailed it again. I’m jumping up and down. I’m so lucky I found you.
— Sige Weisman, MFT, Licensed Family and Marriage Therapist
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She offered concrete, simple action steps I could take to improve each blog post.
— Emily McGee, My Adaptable Career
She listened patiently and understood my situation and what I wanted to share with my audience.
— Mami Shields, MS, ATC, CPT, Therapeutic Fitness and Weight Loss Coach
I was blown away by the content inventory she provided. 
— Michaela Hoffman, Visibility Strategist
I loved being able to hand off work I was struggling with to someone I trusted.
— Laura DaGrossa, Copywriter and Handmade Seller