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"Working with Melanie on my content helped me in ways I couldn't have planned for or foreseen. Not only is she amazing with helping you see your overall content picture, she can help get all those content details nailed down. 

I was blown away by the content inventory she provided. 

It was like a little health checkup for my blogging content. It helped me identify the gaps in my content, and she helped me through her Content GPS to fix the issues and strengthen my content going forward."

Michaela Hoffman

“Wow! You nailed it again. I’m jumping up and down. I’m so lucky I found you.”

Sige Weisman, MFT, San Francisco Women's Therapy


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"Melanie's suggestions helped me re-purpose and revive older content, and it gave me an outside perspective on my strengths and weaknesses.

She offered concrete, simple action steps I could take to improve each blog post.

I love that I have a punch list of techniques to try, and I feel like I understand exactly what I should do next.

I already have so much clarity, thanks to this process, on how to improve my product sales pages to reach my audience better, and a long list of blog posts that will help me attract my ideal reader."

Emily McGee, My Adaptable Career

"The first time I worked with Melanie, I felt like I'd known her long time. She responded to my questions quickly and thoughtfully. 

She listened patiently and understood my situation and what I wanted to share with my audience.

English is my second language, which can be a challenge when writing. Melanie edited for me perfectly. My email messaging was not only edited, but revived, after Melanie's work. Thank you, Melanie!"

Mami Shields, MS, ATC, CPT
Therapeutic Fitness and Weight Loss Coach

"I’m a busy lady. Seriously busy. Because I want to do all the things but I want to do all the things well. And that includes having copy on my site that will not only fully share my message but will help connect the right people with me. Unfortunately, copy isn’t one of my strong points. I’d much rather be putting time into working with clients! 

Not only did Melanie manage to keep that page sounding like me, but she was able to take my message and put it into words that are far more enticing than what I originally had. 

After reading my new page, I wanted to work with me!

Having Melanie help with my copywriting not only gave me quality copy for my site, but gave me the time to work on things that were more important. And best of all, she made the process a dream as she is so friendly, professional and easy to work with! I would highly recommend her services to anyone looking to take their site to the next level!"

Erin Shebish, Creative Business | Life Coach

Erin's testimonial

"I was struggling with writing my about page. It's so difficult to write about yourself! Melanie knew the questions to ask to help me hone in on the information my customers needed to know about me. 

I loved being able to hand off work I was struggling with to someone I trusted.

I loved the beginning of it and felt it reflected what I was trying to focus on for my customers. I know the about page is about them and their struggles, and not necessarily about me. I felt Melanie was able to capture pieces of exactly what I wanted to say, in order to speak to my customers." 

Laura DaGrossa, Copywriter and Handmade Seller