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Want  to make more money?
Get better web copy. 


Your website copy sells...or not.

Your website copy is your online salesperson. It shows up every day, even in a snow-nado. You never have to pay for overtime. It does its job, bringing in leads and sales 24/7/365. Cha-ching.

But what if your superstar website is actually taking naps under the virtual counter? Texting its friends nonstop, and posting "I'm soooo bored" bathroom selfies on Facebook...


Okay. That ^^^ may be my imagination talking. 

Seriously, what if your website copy isn't working for you? 

What if your top sales superstar is actually turning away customers?


Light a match and set  fire to your old website copy...

What do you do when something isn't working for your business? What if it just isn't good enough anymore?

You burn it down! Fire the stale, selfie-snapping slacker. Then go out and find a fresh-faced, word-whipping copywriter to craft copy that sells. 

But how? How can this copywriter, who is not in your brain, get you?

That's my cue...

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The remedy for slacker copy? 

A full brand story and website copywriting service...because your brand deserves its own unique tale and your business needs website copy that creates an emotional connection. 

A complete Done-For-You Brand Story & Website Copy Package

What it is/how it's different 

Like other brand story services, you can expect a deep-dive into your business, your brand, your services or products, and your clients. The difference is in framing your client as the hero on a journey, with your business as the mentor. The difference is in digging into the emotions and stakes behind your prospect's buying decisions.  

We'll take a client-centered approach to telling your brand story through the lens of tried-and-tested story structure.

Once your brand story process is complete, your project moves on to the next round: Website copywriting for 5 pages (typically Home, About, Services, Contact, plus, a brief Opt-in Landing Page). 

how it works

Here's how the story unfolds...

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  • Schedule your free copy chemistry call. If we're a good fit, the paperwork appears in your inbox. You say yes, sign on the digital line, and pay the 50% deposit. 
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1. digging in


  • You get a welcome guide + in-depth questionnaire to zero in on your ideal client, your competition, and your brand. 
  • Behind the scenes, I scope out your top competitors, observe your brand's social chatter, and devour your testimonials.  
  • We meet on a 90-minute call to plot your brand story. 

2. THE Brand Story GOODS


  • You get access to your Brand Story Guide. This is YOUR brand story, not a generic fill-in-the-blanks formula.
  • This guide serves as our check-in point to make sure I get your brand, before I write your copy. 
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3. your website copy


Copy Delivery + Revisions (Get Your Hot Little Hands on Your Copy)

  • You get a special delivery via shared Google Drive folder.
  • We work through up to two rounds of revisions, before I deliver the final version.


A Complete done-for-you Brand Story & Website Copywriting Package

Investment = $2,497

Package includes...

90-minute 1:1 brand story + voice intensive 

Customized Brand Story Guide

Swipe-Worthy Words for your brand, including your motto, values, tagline, and more

Website copywriting for 5 pages with up to 2 revisions 

Individual page copywriting available for $597 per page (does not include brand story intensive or guide)


Ready to take the first step? Book your free 20-minute call...

Hey, hero, meet   the mentor...


I'm Melanie Sparks, the copywriter who's going to help you whip your website copy into shape. 

Your website can become a selling machine that effectively delivers your messages, smoothly drives your prospects to action, and presents the very best face for your brand.

Yep, we're gonna make it look like your website woke up like this...and by this I mean like a flawless selling machine.