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compelling web copy =
more money
in your bank account 


Your website copy sells...

(or not...womp, womp)

Your website copy is your online salesperson. It shows up every day, even in a snow-nado. You never have to pay for overtime. It does its job, bringing in leads and sales 24/7/365.


But what if your superstar website is actually taking naps under the virtual counter? Texting its friends nonstop, and posting "I'm soooo bored" bathroom selfies on Facebook...


Okay. That ^^^ may be my imagination talking. 

Seriously, what if your website copy isn't working for you? 

What if your top sales superstar is actually turning away customers?


fire your website copy...

(you've changed, but your copy has stayed the same)

What if your copy used to work, but it just isn't good enough anymore?

When something isn't working for your business... 

You burn it! Fire the stale, selfie-snapping slacker. Then go out and find a fresh-faced, word-whipping copywriter to craft copy that sells.

But how? How can you replace that slacker copy, when you barely have time to shower?

That's my cue...

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Slacker copy meet your nemesis... 

Connect + Convert

Done-For-You Brand Story & 
Website Copywriting Package

Because your brand deserves its own unique tale and
your business needs website copy that creates an emotional connection. 
(Hint: People buy based on that emotional connection)

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How Does This Work?

(100% voodoo-free)


Step 2: Creative Clarity
All that research gets molded into your Brand Story... 

Step 1: Research, Sans Lab Coat
Nitty gritty: your brand, your ideal clients, your voice...

Step 3: Copy Wand Magic
  I write copy that guides your prospects to action...


Step 4: Put a Bow on It
I present your copy and we make it perfect...    

Want to get your website copy done in 2019? Get on my calendar now...

you walk away with...

(strut optional but recommended)

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Plot Your Brand: Take Your Client on the Hero's Journey

(cast your client as the hero and watch as your bank balance balloons)

We'll take a client-centered approach to telling your brand story through the lens of the timeless hero's journey story structure. Your guide will tell your brand story, complete with... 

  • Cast of Characters, Nail-Biting Conflicts, Cue-Dramatic-Music Turning Point, and Cloud-Parting Resolution 
  • As a bonus, you get a Swipe-Worthy File, crafted just for your brand, including:
    • Values 
    • Emotions 
    • Rallying cry 
    • Punchy tagline
    • Quickie brand pitch

(Value for Brand Story alone: $997)

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Done-for-You Website Copywriting

(I do the heavy lifting while you drink cocktails...or nap, or nap after cocktails)

Once you approve your Brand Story, I get to work crafting up to 5 pages of copy to tell your story and sway your ideal clients. You get a special delivery via shared Google Drive folder. We work through up to two rounds of revisions, with the option of a live round via video call. You receive the final version of your copy, with full copyrights. 

(Pages are typically Home, About, Services, Contact, plus, a brief Opt-in Landing Page. Sales pages are not included in this package, but can be added at a preferred client rate.) 

(Value for website copywriting alone: $4,500)

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I just need to tell you how amazing you are and how much I love you. I told a few people about you here at the mastermind, but promise me you’ll never leave me!
— Cathy Olson, President, Love Inspired

Connect + Convert

done-for-you Brand Story & 
Website Copywriting Package

Package includes...

Plot Your Brand (Value: $1,000)

90-minute 1:1 brand story + voice intensive 

Customized Hero's Journey Brand Story Guide

Bonus Swipe-Worthy File for your brand, including your motto, values, tagline, and more

Done-for-You Website Copywriting (Value: $5,000) 

Website copywriting for 5 pages

Optional copy presentation call with a live round of revisions

Up to 2 revisions

Investment = $3,997

Timeline = 2-6 weeks

Individual webpage copy starts at $997 per page (Brand Story service not included with individual pages)


Ready to take the first step toward website copy that connects and converts? 

Meet  your copywriter...

(I don't want to be too forward, you doin'?)


Well, hey. I'm Melanie Sparks, the conversion copywriter who's going to set fire to your slacker website copy.  

Want a 24/7 selling machine that... 

  • Effectively delivers your messages
  • Smoothly drives your prospects to action
  • Presents the very best face for your brand

Of course you do. We're gonna make it look like your website woke up like this...and by this, I mean like a flawless selling machine.

we're perfect* for each other if...

You're an expert at what you do, and you want to help your clients + make a bigger positive impact.

You're scaling, pivoting, or you've just plain outgrown your website copy.

You want to...

  • Increase your visibility and credibility with on-point copy
  • Increase your connections, conversions, and sales 

*An appreciation of George Michael, including his Wham! days, is optional, but qualifies you as my new BFF.

When I first saw my new copy, I gasped out loud, and when I showed it to my mastermind, there were squeals of ‘this is so you!’
— Maggie Giele, Digital Business Strategist
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All The Questions

(for the over-active brains like mine)

Why should I pay you to write copy, when I can do it myself?

Just because you can do it yourself doesn't mean you should. Unless copywriting is truly your zone of genius, you shouldn't be doing it yourself.

Hiring a conversion copywriter is a long-term investment in your business--NOT kissing your cash goodbye and throwing it to the wind. Compelling copy = more money in your pocket. If you don't see the potential dollar signs in expertly crafted copy, we're not a fit, straight-up.

How long does this process take?

It depends on what's already on my plate and what's on your schedule. The range is 2-6 weeks, with 4 weeks being the average. But if our schedules align, and you're ready to throw down, you could have completed website copy in 2 weeks.  

How much time do I need to invest in this process?

The whole idea of Connect + Convert is to get it done for you. It will save you hours and hours of gritting your teeth, while trying to cram your copy into another ill-fitting template. (Not to mention all those hours you spend doubting what you wrote and changing it for the umpteenth time.) 

Bottom line: A few hours...You'll be present for our 90-minute brand-story call and have the option of a live copy-revisions call. Other than that, I'll make it easy for you to provide background info, review your copy, and ask for revisions.  

Do you have a specialty or niche?

I love working with online entrepreneurs, including course creators, creatives, designers, healers, coaches, strategists, consultants, and other expertise-based businesses. Ideally, you have been in business for 2+ years, and you're evolving, growing, and scaling--the perfect time to call me in

What are your payment terms?

Nothing fancy. A 50% deposit is required to book your project, and 50% is due upon delivery of your final copy. I use 17 Hats for client management, linked to PayPal for payments. A few clicks and your project is rolling.

What if I need MORE?

I'm your huckleberry. You can add additional web-page copywriting at a preferred client rate. If you need sales copy or emails, I offer add-on packages for that too. Just ask.

Why an application?

Because I value your time and mine, I only work with clients who are a good fit.   

What if I'm not sure or still have questions?

No worries. That's why I offer a 20-minute intro call, after you apply, to see if we're a fit.

Done trying to do it all yourself? Upgrade to done-for-you copywriting ^^