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Want  to make more money?
Get better web copy.

Your website sells...or not.

Your website is your online salesperson. It shows up every day, even in a snow-nado. You never have to pay for overtime. It does its job, bringing in sales 24/7/365. Cha-ching.

But what if your super-selling website is actually taking naps under the virtual counter? Texting its friends nonstop and posting bathroom selfies on Facebook?

Okay. That may be my imagination talking. 

Seriously, what if your website isn't working for you? 

What if your top sales superstar is actually turning away customers?

Fire your old website...

What do you do when something isn't working for your business? 

You fire that selfie-snapping slacker. 

Or you re-train it to make it work for you. 

How? That's my cue. 

Let's make your website work for you...


I'm Melanie Sparks, the copy + content consultant who helps you whip your website into shape. I bring to your project 20 years of experience in content creation, marketing, and communication.

Your website can become a selling machine that effectively delivers your messages, smoothly drives your prospects to action, and presents the very best face for your brand.


Put Your Website to Work:
A Complete Website Copy + Content Review

What it is 

Put Your Website to Work is a deep-dive review of your website copy and content. It includes:

  • An analysis of your most important webpages: Homepage, Services, About, Blog 
  • A report of your strengths and opportunities with screenshots and/or an on-screen video walk-through explaining exactly how to make improvements
  • A customized action plan to boost SEO traffic and site conversions

As a consultant, my role is to advise you on strategies for improving your website content and copy, with the overall goal of more conversions. Some recommendations will be simple and take minutes for you to implement. Some may be more complex and require a long-game approach, as well as an investment of time or money. 

What It's NOT

While I provide examples and ideas for your copy and content, I won't be writing or editing web copy/content as part of this service. I'll make note of disruptions in flow and possible solutions, but no web design, programming, or coding is provided. I'll provide an action plan, but an in-depth content strategy for your business isn't included.

Copywriting and in-depth content strategy are available as add-on services. 

What you get


Before jumping into the website review, we'll lay the groundwork. You'll answer pre-work questions. Then we'll dig deeper into the goal of your website, your ideal clients, and what sets your business apart, during our 30-minute kickoff call.

Research, Analysis, and Report

I'll get to work reviewing your website -- focusing on sales copy, SEO and keyphrase use, and basic user experience. I’ll review traffic reports and check out your competition. I'll analyze your content, measuring it against best practices. You'll get access to your report and recommendations shortly before our session.

Report Walk-Through

We'll spend 60 minutes digging into your report and discussing ways you can optimize your website for conversions.

You'll walk away with a clear, strategic roadmap for content changes that will improve your website’s performance.

After our session, you'll receive a recording of our call, just in case you missed any of the good stuff.

Investment: $497

It all starts with a free 20-minute consult call...

Ready to optimize the heck out of
your website?

Here's how it works:

  1. Schedule your free consult call.

  2. After our call, you'll receive a detailed proposal, outlining the process. Accept the proposal, sign the contract, and pay a 50% deposit with a few clicks. 

  3. Within 24 hours of paying your deposit, you'll receive your prep-work and a link to book our sessions. (The 30-minute intro call can be scheduled right away. However, the report walk-through will take place approximately 1 week later.)  

  4. Your report will be delivered to you via email in 5-7 business days. We'll walk through the report, recommendations, and action plan during our 60-minute call. (Final payment is due upon delivery of report.)
  5. You're off to optimize your website! 

Want more help?

Content Strategy Intensive

Put Your Website to Work clients may add the Content Strategy Intensive to the Website Review, or purchase it within 60 days for the discounted price of $397.  

Copywriting Services

Put Your Website to Work clients will receive a 10% discount on copywriting services of $1,000 or more, if purchased within 30 days of final report delivery.