Is your content so on-point it's like an arrow through your reader's heart--
only slightly less deadly?

Maybe that was a little dramatic. But I am a writer. 

A less dramatic question: Is your content connecting with your readers on an emotional level?
Is it meeting their needs?

Why should you care? Because if your content isn't connecting with and serving your readers, they have no reason to invest their time and energy in you. And you can forget about their money. 

Not all words are powerful. The right words are. 

The right words can break your reader's heart and mend it on the same page.

The right words attract your readers and have them craving your content like gummy bears or a caramel macchiato. Once your content connects, your readers can't get enough.

The missing ingredient is usually YOU. Yes, you. Your story. Your personality. Your why. It's missing.

Your content needs you, not a carbon-copy of such and such. YOU. 

Need help figuring it all out? I'm here for you. 

xoxo Melanie


is your content working for you?  


let's be partners in content 

Content strategy and content creation made simple. Connect with your audience through the power of your why and spin out lovable content without losing it. 

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writing +editing 

Sometimes you don't have the time (or desire) to crank out content. Need content that connects with your readers? Need someone to put the sparkle-dust-finishing-touch on your content? 


Learn to improve your content by taking an inventory, discovering your why, and providing value to your readers. Maybe you need  inspiration to write through the fear. The blog's got you covered.


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