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when you're ready to Ditch the "good enough" copy... 

Does your "good enough" copy fail the
emotional connection test?

The emotional connection comes before the sale. Try to shortcut your way to the buy-now button, and your dream client clicks away.  

But why? You explained how great XYZ is, listed all of the features, the low, low price. Plus, you talked about yourself. See, you tried to sell the widget, not the transformation. 

Think of a time you were sold to. You know the routine... 

Hot, french-onion-soup breath fogging up your glasses. Sweat beads dangling dangerously close to the tip of his noseand your latte. Lips quivering, as he guarantees this is the very best deal you're gonna find.

Your insides curl up and hide. You recoil. (As does your latte.)

Was it a bad deal? A dud product? Nope. 

Problem didn't want to be sold. 

But wait a minute, you protest...I LOVE to buy things.

Sure, I do too. But you don't want to be SOLD to. And you especially don't want to buy a widget just because of its great features.

You can skip the french onion soup, but don’t skip making an emotional connection with your prospect.

Your dream client wants to feel good about buying from you.

Your words can cause your would-be client to slide toward the exit. Or make her lean in to hear how you can help make her life better...

You’re searching for a copywriter who can hit those emotional sweet spots and write copy that sells without selling out. We should talk.
When I first saw my new copy, I gasped out loud, and when I showed it to my mastermind, there were squeals of
’This is so you!’
— Maggie Giele, Digital Business Strategist
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How does it work?


Step 1: Coffee Chat 
We start with a free 20-minute call to discuss your project, goals, and deadlines. But mostly to see if we have copy chemistry. 


Step 2: You + Me = YES!
If we seem like a good match, I'll zip a proposal over for your signature. (Signed contract and deposit required.) 


Step 3: Research, Sans Lab Coat
I make it as easy as possible for you to provide info, with the option of an online questionnaire,
or a Zoom call.


Step 4: Creative Clarity
All that research gets whittled into a creative brief. Why? To ensure that I get your brand and your goals...before I venture into the wild to write your copy. 

Step 5: Copy Wand Magic
Now that your copy has context,  I’ll write copy that evokes emotion, sparks desire, and guides your prospects to action.
It might be magic. Or it may be coffee. Same thing.


Step 6: Put a Bow on It
You don't write conversion copy every day. So, I’ll be there to answer questions and discuss any revisions. Then your final copy is yours for the testing.    

I just need to tell you how amazing you are and how much I love you. I told a few people about you here at the mastermind, but promise me you’ll never leave me!
— Cathy Olson, President, Love Inspired
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I write copy that

connects and converts... 

Done-for-You Copy that
resonates and sells 

I don't believe in one-size-fits-all copywriting. (Or much else for that matter. One-size-fits-all swimsuit, I'm looking at you—sideways.) Every client and project is different. And before I write a word of your copy, I have to get you. That starts with a quick coffee chat, which is your chance to tell me what you wish for your copy to be. (Yes, I really do grant wishes.)  

How can I help you? 

Make a bigger impact

Get more dream clients

Make more money

content strategy for creative entrepreneurs this way

landing Page + sales page copywriting 

  • Copy that stays true to you and connects with your ideal clients--hold the sleaze
  • Need more than a landing/sales page? Custom packages available

Investment: $597 for a brief landing page | $1,297 for a long-form sales page

Learn more

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done-for-you Website COPYWRITING

  • Complete Package: Includes signature Plot Your Brand service and Done-for-You Copywriting for 5-page website
  • Copywriting for individual pages also available

Investment: $2,497

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done for you copywriting packages

Done-for-You Bundles for busy ceo's


Build Your Email List

  • Opt-in copy
  • 5-email welcome sequence 
  • Landing page copy
  • 2 versions of Facebook ad copy

Investment: $1,297


Sell Your Stuff

  • Opt-in copy or webinar script
  • 8-email sales sequence 
  • Sales page copy
  • 2 versions of Facebook ad copy

Investment: $1,797

Need it all? Get both bundles for $2,797 and save.

Copywriting bundles are also available at a discounted rate when you add-on to the website copywriting package.

Don't see exactly what you're looking for? Custom quotes available. Let's chat...

Melanie is not only a very talented copywriter, but super easy to work with...I also appreciated the extensive time and research that went into understanding our audience and building the initial creative brief.
— Craig Cannings, Co-Founder, VA Classroom
After reading my new page, I wanted to work with me!
— Erin Shebish, Creative Business | Life Coach
Erin's testimonial
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“Wow! You nailed it again. I’m jumping up and down. I’m so lucky I found you.
— Sige Weisman, MFT, Licensed Family and Marriage Therapist